Our Services

Alternative Investments

We are specialists in analysing and creating alternative investments. Our primary goal is to be an advisor able to balance risk and return in order to create long-term value for our customers.
Thanks to our experience in Private Debt, Private Equity, Real Estate, Venture Capital, Infrastructure, Natural Resources and Passion Investments strategies, we have global overview on all alternative investments.

Introduction of New Solutions / Services On The Italian Market

- We perform Scouting at an international level
- We carry out a feasibility study for the domestic market
- We ask for legal and tax advice
- We validate, implement and make the service accessible

Structuring of Specific Investment Solutions

- We analyse the financial services chain
- We compare the service / cost ratio
- We monitor the service
- We carefully evaluate and compare suppliers of the requested service

Club Deals

- We define the solution and its characteristics directly with the issuing company for a personalised issue (25m +)
- Upon request we analyse the possibility of issuing white label solutions

Our Services

Wealth Management

C&P provides innovative solutions for the planning and protection of family and corporate assets. A 360-degree advisory service that puts your interests, passions and projects above all else.

Private Insurance

- We carry out an analysis of the target market
- We evaluate the possible jurisdictions
- We analyse the products
- We structure the operations
- We carry out cross-border succession planning
- We validate, implement and make the service accessible

Service Assessment

- We analyse the need and type of investment
- We are looking for the most suitable instrument/vehicle
- We choose the platform and jurisdiction
- We carefully evaluate and compare the suppliers of the requested service

Dedicated Insurance Services (All Risk)

Succession planning and generational handover