What We Do

Multidisciplinary skills

C&P’s multidisciplinary know-how is available to institutional investors, banks and Family Offices, saving time and resources. By directing each counterparty directly to the optimal solutions in the market context and according to specific needs.
The Process is divided into several phases:

Phase 1


In C&P, thanks to an international network of operators and professionals of primary standing, we collect information regarding the most innovative solutions and services at a global level, as well as carrying out studies and research in the economic field. We put this information together to define a medium-long term market outlook.

Phase 2


Based on the Scouting results, we select products that have the following characteristics:

– Innovation
– Alternative investments
– Service excellence
– Medium-long term vision
– Risk / return sustainability
– Extra-yield
– Identification of opportunities and valuable niches.

Phase 3

Due Dilligence

After selection, the instruments are subjected to due diligence according to 4 types of criteria

Investment analysis

- Macroeconomic context
- Asset class
- Market
- Sustainability
- Liquid assets
- Stress test

Issuer analysis

- Track record
- Reliability
- Jurisdiction
- Company structure
- Solidity
- AuMs

Product analysis

- Vehicle
- Jurisdiction
- Guarantees
- Prospectus
- Structuring
- Service provider
- Costs

Placement analysis

- Operative mode
- Regulations
- Intermediaries
- Costs
- Requirements
- Taxation

Phase 4


Once all the tests have been passed, we review the process of access to the investment, making it easily accessible to the investor and verifying that the subscription process follows all the regulations in force, both in terms of intermediation and taxation.