Trade Finance

Trade finance is a niche within private debt. Companies face an increasingly internationalised market; this is both in terms of the procurement of materials and for exports, hence often finding themselves struggling against multiple unknowns of a strategic and financial nature. While the risks of this asset class should not be underestimated, these trading operations offer investors and businesses great opportunities for returns. Thus, making it even more essential for traders to plan side by side to a trade finance expert such as C&P. Having worked and structured operations of this kind, we always aim to carefully analyse the track record and fundamental processes which enable our clients to excel.


Private Equity e Venture Capital

Over time, we have adopted a prudent and consistent assessment strategy which allows us to analyse with utmost independence some of the most interesting opportunities across the private capital space. This is, of course, while establishing great relationships with entrepreneurs and managers. We also evaluate investments with a long-term perspective by selecting only the operations that best reflect the needs of our customers.

We continually challenge ourselves to seek a global exposure to the real economy. This is done through the targeted selection of asset managers with proven experience and significant track record in the various industrial sectors.

Private Equity Strategies

Buyout, Growth Capital, Special Situations, Secondaries.

Venture Capital Strategies

Seed, Early stage, Late stage.